LMX 64 : The most powerfull freeride EMTB on the market

With a patented transmission and 45km/h L1e-B homologation, the 64 is suited for the streets and the trails! 

Production Ongoing... Shipping from MAY 2020

They talk about it

" La sensation du vélo avec la poignée n’a rien à voir avec un VAE habituel. On ne dépend plus uniquement du capteur de pression sur les pédales et on ajoute de la puissance quand on en a besoin ! "

" La clientèle enduriste moto peine de plus en plus à trouver des espaces de pratiques en raison des législations environnementales. Le LMX 64 conçu par LMX bikes vise ouvertement "l'interprétation moderne de l'enduro" moto. "

Find the sensations of enduro and trials in an EMTB

Climb higher and easier than with a classic EMTB, with less effort in the climbs and extended rides in duration and distance. The pedaling torque sensor and the 3 assist modes make it possible to adapt your effort according to the terrain.


A powerful EMTB

It is possible to use the LMX 64 as a motorcycle with the gas grip integrated in the handlebar grip, even without pedalling. Add some extra power at any time, to pass an obstacle !


A motorcycle when you need it

45 Km / h APPROVAL

A moped that is easy to carry

With the 50cc equivalent homologation, the LMX can also be used as a moped, to go to work or to simply wander around. With only 28 kg total weight, take it everywhere and in addition the registration is free in most EU country !

Order your LMX 64H

Delivery by summer 2020 - Homologated 45km/h

For riders up to 1m75

For riders over 1m75

LMX 64



Made in France

We design and manufacture electric freeride motorcycles in our Frontonas workshop (38 - Isère), with the goal to offer innovative products in terms of performance and technology, while offering excellent off-road reliability.

Unique patented technology on the market

2 modes of use, 3 levels of power.

With up to 2500W and 200 N.M peak, The LMX 64 is the most powerful speed bike in its class.

The motor gets you up to 45 km/h without effort  or even without pedaling at all, even in most extreme and steep terrain.

The LMX 64 is equipped with a unique transmission system, featuring dual chains and freewheel dedicated, which allows to transmit the power with reliability. (LMX patented technology).



High strength aluminum frame made in France, ultra-modern enduro geometry. Experience the behavior of an easy and playful mountain bike with 180 mm of travel, to tackle any terrain.


5x more power than a classic EMTB

A second chain dedicated to the engine

The behavior of an MTB, the power in addition

LMX, in production since 2015

Since 2015, more than 150 LMXs have been delivered worldwide.

A FRENCH company

More than 700 orders delivered

Technical specifications

Electric Motorization: Synchronous Brushless

Mechanical rated power: 1.5kw

Maximum mechanical power: 2.5kw

Max torque: 23 N.M at the motor shaft

Max engine speed: 3000 rpm

Engine transmission: 1 speed with dedicated freewheel

Transmission ratio: 12-100T

Cooling: Air Cooled

Battery: Li-ion exchangeable battery

Rated voltage: 52V

Max voltage: 58.8V

Capacity: 857 Wh

100% charging time: 250 minutes

Charging time 80%: 210 minutes

Charger Voltage: 220v AC

Charger power: 200W


Frame: 6061-T6 aluminum, size L and M

Handlebar: 6061-T6 31.8 / 22 mm 760 mm oversize

Front suspension: SR suntour durolux Ø36 mm 180 mm

Rear Suspension: DNM RCP2S with 2 posit. buffer

Front / rear travel: 180 / 180mm

Brakes F / R: TRP 203x2.3mm AV / AR

Front / Rear Wheels: 35mm x 27.5 ", 35mm x 27.5"

Front / Rear tires: 2.6 "x 27.5"; 2.6 "x 27.5"

Chain: # 219 (karting)

Head tube angle: 65 °

Base: 1220 mm Size M / 1290 mm Size L "

Ground clearance: 340 mm (pedal height)

Seat height: Adjustable, telescopic seatpost optional

Weight: 28 kg With battery pack, 23 kg without battery pack

Range: 35 to 75km depening on terrain and mode. pending homologation tests


Geometry of the frame

Modern geometry, 2 sizes available

Size M

Size L

L (lightweight) M (Moto) X (Cross) 

Ultra light, high performance

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